Modish Sofa II


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Best Massage Chair in the Philippines that can provide you with comfort in the position of the back and spine as well as knees and feet at an adjustable tilt. Equipped with an automatic program that displays all types of massage therapy movements from squeezing, hitting, patting, shiatsu and combinations.

Special Features

  • Comes with Shiatsu massage, the technique combines knocking, tapping, swinging, and kneading to promote relaxation. It helps with releasing muscle tension, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation.
  • The seat airbag with a healing function provides a hip squeeze, while the calves’ airbags are activated for an invigorating massage.
  • L-tracks massage – an extension that reaches all the way to the top of the hamstrings.
  • Featuring a zero gravity reclined position, the massage chair eases the user into a reclined position where your thighs are relative to your back to maximize comfort and minimize pressure. This helps to further increase blood flow, which can help the heart and body.
  • Bluetooth speakers can be used with smartphones or tablets to play sound. There are two incorporated speakers in the massage chair.
  • USB socket for your devices while enjoying your massage chair.
  • Space-saving design, making it the ideal shiatsu massage chair for smaller areas.
  • Easy to operate, highly functional massage chair.


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