Perfecthealthph.com does everything possible to provide images as close to an accurate representation to the exact products displayed on our website. Product images are meant to convey our products accurately. However, natural colors can vary slightly from pictures shown and cannot be exactly reproduced digitally. Because of this products may vary slightly in color when viewed online than those actually received in person. Product labeling like logos, remote labels, and remote button images, and other product details may also vary slightly than what is pictured online. Images are provided by the manufacturer and may change or differ without notice than the images shown to describe a product online.


Includes visit to the website; product & order process inquiry; adding the product/s into his/her cart, order placement and confirmation, up to delivery.

1. Order Placement

2. Order Processing – includes order confirmation, processing and shipment




Service Warranty Policy


PerfectHealth has the right to cancel an order at any time due to typographical or unforeseen errors that results in the product(s) on the site being listed inaccurately (having the wrong price or descriptions etc.).

Payment Complete Orders

In the event a cancellation occurs and payment for the order has been received, PerfectHealth shall issue a full refund.


PerfectHealth has the right to cancel an order if you fail to process the payment within 7 business days after the order date or if you fail PerfectHealth validation or security authentication.

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